Monday, September 16, 2013

Master Gardeners, Sept. 22

FREE Seeds and Seedlings

The UC/Cooperative Extension LA County Master Gardeners are back on the 22nd this month (it's the fourth Sunday, really!) and they're bringing seeds and seedlings to give away, along with information about gardening. Bring your questions; they'll have answers!

This month, pick up some Monarch butterfly attractors, including milkweed plants and borage, a plant with heirloom clusters of sparkling blue edible flowers. You can also steam the stems and leaves for a unique green that tastes a little like cucumbers.

They've planted up some seeds saved by master gardener Dana Morgan, a seed-saving co-founding member of SLOLA (Seed Library of Los Angeles). She shared seeds from her beautiful fava beans, which serve as dinner for both you and your soil. If you wait till the beans grow, you'll have a delicious meal, but if you cut down the stalks just as the plants go to flower, the underground growth will fix nitrogen in your soil. It's compost in the ground!

Dana also provided rainbow chard, those brightly colored red and orange stemmed greens that taste great raw, in salads or in smoothies. And she also contributed lacinato (dinosaur, or tuscan black) kale.

Speaking of kale, the little curly-tipped Vates Dwarf Blue kale will be available, as will bok choy and some edible flowers, calendula (pot marigolds).

PLEASE remember to bring your plastic six packs so the Master Gardeners can plant up another crop for next month's giveaways. 

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