Monday, September 30, 2013

Environmental Sculpturing, Oct. 6

Ponds, Pools, Sustainable Water Usage

Environmental Sculpturing is coming to the Green Tent on October 6th! They specialize in biological swimming ponds, an up and coming sustainable pool system. This system utilizes the elements that occur naturally within our ecosystem yielding clean, fresh water.  The nitrogen cycle utilized in the biological filter is one that is required by every living thing on earth. Each element incorporated into the bio-filter used by Environmental Sculpturing plays a part in this cycle. They also deal with grey water treatment and rain water catchment systems.

The nitrogen cycle in this biological process changes ammonia (NH3) to nitrite (NO2), and then to nitrate (NO3). This application of nature’s way can be applied to a koi pond or used as a swimming pond. It can also simply clean an existing pool!

Environmental Sculpturing will be bringing a miniature water garden to display the application of natural water treatment. They are there to assist the evolution the commonly practiced methodology regarding, not only the treatment of koi ponds and swimming pools, but sustainable water usage in general.

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