Thursday, June 27, 2013

Plastic Bag Ban Celebration, June 30

LA Passed a Plastic Bag Ban...

...and we're celebrating

On Tuesday, June 25, the Los Angeles City Council gave final approval to a Plastic Bag Ban. It applies to those "t-shirt" bags used for groceries. It's a hard-fought victory for the environment, and the Mar Vista community helped make it happen.

Los Angeles joins 76 other California cities and counties that already have plastic bag bans and becomes the biggest city in the country to ban free plastic grocery bags.

How do you remember to bring your reusable bags? What do you do when you forget? Share your ideas at the Green Tent and get a nifty  MVCC reusable bag. 

Do you have excess reusable bags? Please bring them for the Mar Vista Farmers' Market bag-sharing bin.

Wondering how to cope without the free plastic bags? Stop by the Green Tent. We can help.

Just want to celebrate and talk about what's next? Please stop by. We'd love to chat.

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