Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Andy Shrader, June 9

Banning the Bag in LA

Andy Shrader shares his knowledge about the environmental costs of plastic bags and the proposed City of Los Angeles plastic bag ban at the Green Tent.

Every year, 6 million plastic bags are wasted in Los Angeles. They end up in our land fills or - even worse - floating around our environment.

One ton of plastic bags = 11 barrels of oil. Animals often mistakenly ingest plastic bags, which clog their intestines and result in death by starvation. Fish and birds frequently get entangles in plastic bags, become incapacitated and die.

The Los Angeles CIty Council considers the ban on Wednesday, June 18. Highly-paid plastics industry lobbyists are trying to defeat it. Stop by the Green Ten and learn what you can do to help it pass. Click here for more information. And if you have some surplus reusable bags, please bring them for the MVCC Leave a Bag/Take a Bag exchange.

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