Sunday, October 14, 2018

Special Guest Replaces Green Tent - October 21, 2018

Green Tent is taking a break this Sunday. 

But our space is still filled with environmental awareness. 
Please support our local entrepreneurs.

Yes, there is a second life for broken crayons!

Roman (11) and Eleanor (9) are a brother and sister team who collect broken unwanted crayons from their community and melt them in molds to create brand new colorful homemade crayons.  In the process, they are learning many valuable lessons about recycling and setting up a business! Roman and Eleanor plan to give 15% of their October and November profits to the St. Margaret’s Thanksgiving Food Drive in Inglewood.   They will accept any donated broken crayons you want to bring them!

More important stuff...

We've all done it... forgotten our reusable shopping bags or bought too much delicious food.  What a relief to find a spare in the Bag Exchange bag, near the Green and Blue Tents.  But we are running very low.  Please help by dropping off your clean extras any Sunday.  Stuff it in the green checkered container or leave it at the Green Tent.  Also accepting clean pillow cases for the truly desperate.  Thanks for your help!

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