Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gary Golding, April 30

Local environmental activist Gary Golding lives by the code "Consume as Little as Possible" and wants to share this simple message with YOU!  

This week at the Green Tent, Gary will demonstrate his "bee whispering" skills and share his personal journey toward the path of Zero Waste. For kids of all ages, there will be a take-home project using rocks and other objects from nature. 

Golding is well-known and respected in the community as a bee specialist, Lead Garden Teacher at the STAR Eco Station and a variety of magnet schools. You can learn more about this uniquely radical environmentalist at his website, The Golding State

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  1. This Man truly is a uniquely radical environmentalist... He took me to an open field and we had lunch from the plants .. I thought they were all weeds.. His Dad