Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Master Gardeners, March 26

Your friendly local LA County Master Gardeners are springing into Spring at the Green Tent on Sunday, March 26 (CicLAvia day) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. They’ll bring plants and seeds to give away and will answer your gardening questions. 

Here’s what they’ve planted up for you this month:

Ornamental Sunflowers (Royal Flush variety) — includes multicolored flowers from brown to red to yellow 

Birds and Bees Sunflowers  — These will grow to 8 feet high with yellow petals and chocolate discs that follow the sun!

Italian Arugula -- that lovely spicy salad green. And their flowers are a revelation, with a nutty flavor.   

Wine Country Mesclun —  a salad blend straight from Napa Valley

Baby Leaf Lettuce Mix — a mix of Bambino, Simpson Elite, Esmeralda, Red Sail, Bravehart, Red Tide lettuces, just perfect in salads

Heirloom Tuscan Baby Kale — A favorite; healthy, hearty and lovely to look at; sweeter and more delicate than the bigger varieties

Wild Russian Heirloom Kale — lovely frilly edges, great in soups, stews or simply sautéed with oil and garlic 

Snow Peas (Oregon sugar pod) — great in stir fry dishes or raw in salads, eat pods and all.

Sugar Ann Snap Peas — chunkier than snow peas, and delicious sautéed, blanched or raw, pods and all, super sweet  

Broccoli Raab (aka Rapini) — a traditional Italian heirloom that produces an abundance of deep green leaves and tender shoots with tiny bud cluster. Imported from Italy!

Slow Bolt Cilantro — Lovely, bright, pungent — you let it go to seed, you’ll end up with coriander seeds, which you can use whole or grind into powder. For the haters, it’s a key ingredient in Indian cooking and tastes nothing like the leaves. For the lovers, you get both! 

As always, please remember to bring your leftover “six packs” so the MGs can continue to grow plants for you each month. 

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