Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Westside Pacific Village, April 3

Do you have surplus towels and linens? Please bring them to the Green Tent on Sunday, April 3rd! Our guest, Westside Pacific Village, will take them to a local homeless shelter and put them to good use. 

Aging is usually accompanied by a need for less stuff.  As a healthy, strong individual, you could choose to de-clutter and downsize now, rather than waiting until you are infirm.  Unfortunately, a more common scenario is a sudden, incapacitating illness that forces an elderly individual to leave their home and all their possessions behind. Too often, loved ones have to remove our “stuff” during a time of stress and much of it ends up in a landfill.  

You can also learn how you can become a part of the growing village movement of neighbors helping neighbors. Meet the team from Westside Pacific Village (WPV) and learn how they can make a difference to our seniors in Mar Vista as we age in place!

The Village Movement was born out of the desire to create a local support system for seniors, and their families, who want to “age in place” without facing expensive home care support or being placed into an alternate living facility. For a nominal annual fee, WPV members gain access to pre-screened volunteers who help with a wide array of tasks that older adults need assistance with, including:

-  grocery shopping and running errands
-  transportation to and from medical appointments, social outings, hair salons
-  taking trash bins out/in on a weekly basis
-  help with household chores and minor handy work
-  teaching computer skills and how to use other electronic devices
-  yard work and gardening
-  friendly visits, walking buddies, and pet care
-  referrals to pre-screened service providers
-  opportunities to meet other members and volunteers through special events and informational programs

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