Thursday, December 17, 2015

Citizens Climate Lobby, December 20

Now that the world’s nations have come to an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, are you wondering just how that’s going to happen? How much will it cost? How might our lifestyles be affected? Will our standard of living deteriorate or improve? What will be the effects on our health, jobs and national security?

The answer depends on what we do to make the agreement a reality. This Sunday at the Green Tent, Citizens Climate Lobby will explain a plan, Carbon Fee and Dividend, that would produce rapid emissions reductions while protecting consumers, creating jobs, building the economy, improving health, and making the United States a world model and leader in achieving and surpassing the reductions pledged in Paris.

Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers will show you the results of a thorough study by an independent company, Regional Economic Models, Inc., outlining the outcomes of this plan. And they’ll explain the progress CCL is making as more and more previously negative members of congress quietly show interest in this proposal. Now the movement has international attention with the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition established at the U.N. climate conference. 

Stop in the Green Tent to discuss these exciting events and actions, and learn what you can do to make them quickly come to fruition.

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