Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Recycled Fashion/Art + Green Garden Showcase, November 9

“Fall in Mar Vista” silk blouse/eucalyptus leaves
Did you know that a plain white blouse could interact with nature and turn into a work of art? Marcela Domínguez Bensabat, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a textile artist who coaxes leaves into releasing their pigments and imprinting their shapes on fabric. 

Marcela finds these leaves on her daily walks and bike rides in Mar Vista, Del Rey, and Venice. Through a loving, labor-intensive process, she calls forth the power that often unnoticed plants have to release their tints onto fabric and craft wearable beauty.

In her search to reduce the carbon imprint of the clothes she designs, Marcela is currently using vintage clothing as her canvas. The materials she uses include silk, wool, linen and cotton.

“Autumn Glow” wool shawl/eucalyptus leaves
See some of the pieces Marcela has been working on at the Green Tent this Sunday, and learn how she and the leaves give vintage clothing a magical look.

Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase  volunteer will also be at the Green Tent from 9:00 till 2:00. Sustainable gardens are long term water savers. The Green Garden Showcase is dedicated to encouraging them to sprout throughout Mar Vista. Would you like to be a garden scout? Are you interested in showing your garden in the 2015 tour? Do you have questions about converting to a drought tolerant garden? Stop by and chat.

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