Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Driving on Sunshine October 5

Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday and learn about EV/PV: Electric vehicles running on solar energy. Of all the things Americans can do to reduce energy use and pollution, changing their energy to clean, renewable solar (or wind) and changing their car to run on that very same energy belongs near the top of the list.

Greg Gustafson of Solar City will speak about the economics of solar energy and what kind of roof you need to be "solar viable". For many people, solar is less expensive than dirty energy from the utilities. For them, they are losing money by not going solar. Greg will bring everyone up to speed on the latest in solar energy.

Electric cars are the other half of the equation. If you drive an internal combustion car, switching it to an electric car, or plugin hybrid, allows you to "drive on sunshine". Guest Paul Scott has been doing that for 13 years and will describe the reasons everyone will be doing the same very soon. He'll also discuss the various cars available and the relative costs.

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