Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Street Tree Adoption, August 31

Trees are the lungs of our planet
    - Combat the greenhouse effect
    - Clean the air
    - Provide oxygen
    - Cool the streets and the city
    - Conserve energy

    - Save water
    - Provide homes for local wildlife

Stop by the Green Tent this Sunday and learn about the Bureau of SanitationAdopt a Street Tree” program. 

Street trees improve walk-ability of our neighborhoods while helping reduce the impacts of climate change. 

Learn how you can request planting of a tree along your street in the public right of way. Many different tree varieties are available. 

Tree adopters are responsible for the early care and watering of the sapling. We'll have information about different watering options to make this task easier.

Click here to find out about all of free tree programs available from City Plants, a public-private partnership between the City of Los Angeles, local non-profit organizations, community groups, residents, and businesses. 

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