Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eco-friendly Custom Landscapes, Jan. 13

Wonderful Native Plants

Are you interested in changing over to a low care, eco-friendly landscape? It's hard to beat the plants that were here before we even discovered California. You can create a little haven to help feed and protect our local and endangered butterflies, native bees, hummer and other birds. 

You can easily add natives into your landscape as there are varieties adapted to all types of soil, sun and watering. How about a colorful and ever changing wildflower meadow instead of that all green lawn? 

Come by the Green Tent to see and learn about some of our beautiful native plants. Deni Friese has been studying and planting natives since the'70s and can tell you from personal and professional experience how to choose, plant and maintain our wonderful native plants.

Denise "Deni" Friese, ecologist and owner of Eco-Friendly Custom Landscapes, is a trainer for the LA County Master Gardener program and president of the Culver City/Westside Garden Club. She teaches  and consults on many aspects of landscaping and low-water irrigation.

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