Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Do We Need To Know What Is In Our Food?

Note - there is no guest at the Green Tent on October 28th so that we can focus on the MVCC elections. 
Please vote! 

Stop by the Green Tent on November 4th to learn why labeling GMO's is important!


Does your salmon contain eel genes? You wouldn't know unless it’s labeled. Genetically engineered foods are labeled in 60 other countries, all of Europe, even China. It’s time all Americans had the same basic right. 

Stop by the Green Tent and talk to Andy Shrader - learn why the MVCC passed a motion urging that foods be labeled if they contain GMO's and why our City Council is addressing the issue.

This is about being  empowered  to make the right choice for our families, by providing a simple label to tell us if our food has been genetically engineered or not. Learn why Farmers, food industry, science and health experts advise that we need to label any food product containing genetically-engineered ingredients so that consumers can make an informed choice in the food they eat and the food they feed their kids.

In 2004, Congress instituted the Food Allergen Labeling Act, which required labeling of potential allergens like peanuts, soybeans and dairy. This is no different.

Manufacturers have an on going practice of special labeling for specific customers. Special labels for the state of California will be no more challenging.

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