Sunday, July 8, 2012

EnerGtech Experts returns to the Green Tent July 15

Saving energy...a live demonstration

Society is making some strides to alternative and cleaner sources of power generation. But wouldn't it be better if we all used less? 

Come see a live demonstration of an Energy Monitoring System presented by Brent Locke of EnerGtech Experts. He'll measure the energy used by different types of lightbulbs, turning them on and off from his iPad. 

EnerGtech Experts is a "geek squad" of energy saving advisors, helping home owners and businesses find energy savings with the g-Meter™. The g-Meeter accurately measures, every 5 seconds, the electricity used by lights and any thing else that's plugged in. Homeowners can watch their energy consumption in real time from their own private account on any Internet-connected device. 

A survey of 36 studies by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) in Washington, D.C. found that homeowners with real-time feedback on their power consumptiondown to individual appliancesreduced their consumption by 12%. Being able to accurately measure your consumption allows you to accurately manage it.

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