Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Teaching Wellness, July 9th

According to author Charles Duhigg, "Keystone habits act as the soil from which other good habits grow."   If your concerns extend beyond your personal wellbeing to include the health of our fragile planet, take heart!  Certified Wellness Coach Jeanne Kuntz will be available to help you discover your own Earth-friendly "keystone habits. "

Eat foods in their original form.  No processing to degrade food value, no packaging to deplete the environment.

Walk or bike instead of driving whenever possible.  You may end up shopping closer to home which is good for the small businesses in your neighborhood and fosters a sense of community, a stress-reducing bonus.

Prepare meals and eat them at home. You will burn about 250 calories for each meal you prepare.  If you have young children, you will teach them a valuable skill which is empowering and a money saver.  

Get to know your neighbors.  A recent Los Angeles Times article cited research that indicates people who have good relationships with their neighbors live happier, healthier lives.  And when you are preparing those home-cooked meals, it’s so much easier to borrow a cup of sugar or a lemon from a neighbor than to drive your car to the market and back.  A real stress-reducer!

Choose exercise options that have the lowest environmental impact while bringing you the greatest joy.  Example:  Instead of getting in your car and driving to the gym for an hour, and then driving back again, why not put on some of your favorite music and dance around the house? 

Stay connected to your motivators.  Write them somewhere and review them often!

Take time to just sit and be...even if it's only 5 minutes a day.

Stop by the Green Tent for tips on how to experiment with these ideas and incorporate the best into your life.

Mar Vista resident and Green Committee co- chair Jeanne Kuntz is a certified wellness coach. Learn more at her Teaching Wellness website.

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